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Tel : +90 539 471 8337
Mail : sametakdemirtc@gmail.com

I am a digital human specializing in Backend, WordPress, Front end, and user experience

I'm Professional WordPress Developer my products that I produced have been used over more 10.000 people by now. I'm marketing my products that I developed on ThemeForest and different platforms.

WordPress / PHP / Front end Developer

Go Ahead!
Let's do remarkable things together!

Good works doesn't exist in an instant. How about together we bring your projects and dreams to life?


If you are you are out to describe the truth,
leave elegance to the tailor.

Front End Developer

I can implement your design in accordance with current trends by using HTML and CSS technologies, which are dominated by constantly developing user experiences and developing JS libraries.

Wordpress Developer

I've been with the WordPress CMS system for a long time, that millions of people use and continues to be developed. I've made various theme, plugin, and special developes. We can work together on this.

Back End Services

After we specify the technologies or languages suitable for your project we will make the architecture of it and I will make it real with fairy touches. Focus to marketing your product, this is my job.

Speed Optimization.

Technology moves fast, there's no room for slowness anymore. In the world of speed, this issue has become important when people can not even tolerate loading sites. We can work to optimize your project as your database files.

Troubleshooting Issues.

Solving issue is impossible sometimes in a very complex system but since I've been in projects and making improvements for a long time, I believe that I can support you in a short time with my experience.

Monthly Retainer

I offer monthly retainer services to my customers after developing their porducts. If you wish, you can focus on marketing your product instead of learning something and doing these tasks. Leave monthly maintenance, development and solving issues to me.

What Did I Do?
In the below you can view some of my projects I developed or I partly involved in. You can get information about which technology I use, in which year I developed and about the process from the section on the side or you can visit sites by clicking on it.
Deep Sport
Front & Back End
Front & Back End
Front & Back End
Front & Back End
Front & Back End
Şeker Tadında Tasarımlar
Front & Back End & UI
Musician on a Mission
Front & Back End & UI
PHP & React
Front & Back End
Front & Back End
Front & Back End
Front & Back End & UI

How I Work?
The process follows the steps below.

Step 1

Brief & Estimation

Here we define and clarify the scope of your project, what are your business needs and how much time will take, here also, we define the budget and some special conditions and terms if necessary.

Step 2

Kick Off

After estimating, finally comes the stage of starting the project firmly after having a total agreement of what the project will cost, will take in time and other conditions; At this stage a initial payment (Usually 50% of the total price) is made.

Step 3


This is a very important stage because I will listen your general opinions about what's done until now.

Step 4

Client deliverables

Finally, after finishing all the development and be validated, I will deliver the all code in what form, document or type you need.

What Did They
Said About Me?

A high-quality job is done by a high-quality developer. His communication is impeccable, and the process was perfectly collaborative. He even stepped through the code with me to show me how he fixed it. Samet exceeds expectations, I would highly recommend him and plan to use his services again in the near future!
If you are looking for a reliable, honest, talented and creative developer – then Samet is your guy. Since the moment I started chatting with him, he has been amazing. Not only did he review the project properly before accepting it, but he also made suggestions and asked questions which led to a better outcome. He is exactly the type of freelancer you want to work with, and I look forward to hiring him again soon.
I couldn’t be happier hiring Samet to work on my already existing site. He understood exactly what needed to be done, had great communication, completed the tasks a lot sooner than I anticipated and most importantly did a phenomenal job I definitely plan on getting him to help me with future projects I may have!
Wow, where do I even start? I have been completely blown away by the work that Samet has done. I feel so lucky to have found him. Samet is also incredibly skilled as a backend developer. I’m excited to keep working with him on new projects and I have the confidence that he will deliver excellent results in anything we do together.

Professional work comes out of the magic fingers.

We aspire to your work with this team that has signed hundreds of projects. It is true that we chose jobs, jobs that will add something to us are our priority.

Great products and experiences are built by great teams. I’ll be more than honored to be part of yours. Let’s talk.

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